Coleção: Intelligent Toilet with Deodorizer

This collection includes smart toilets with active deodorization. You can switch on the ventilation after using the toilet to keep the air in the bathroom clean. The compressed air filtration device prevents unnecessary odors from the bathroom when the wind flows into it. If you use a smart toilet or a toilet bidet, SplashLet is a bathroom bidet solution. Simply add the bidet to the toilet with the latest SplashLet-electronic toilet to take the toilet and sanitation to the next level. With smart functionality and water wash, you can greatly improve your comfort and personal hygiene. It is possible that you may never use toilet paper again.

Do-it-yourself bidet installation is easy! Compare various SplashLet-Japanese style toilet models on this page. On this webpage, you may learn more about smart toilets and non-electric sprayer features. If you want to compare various EcoSplash models, you may find a function comparison here. Visit our blog for additional information on the latest bathroom, health, and lifestyle trends. If you are seeking for a good price, you will find everything you need here.